Controlled renewable energy

Strengthening the country’s energy matrix

The electrical and thermal energy produced at SPBE is renewable and controlled. This means that the resources we use, such as biomass, are renewed through natural cycles. Each year, CAEI plants sugarcane and SPBE uses its bagasse to produce energy. Something similar happens with the leucaena, acacia, and eucalyptus trees that provide the wood chips: they come from energy farms and must complete a cycle of approximately five years.

SPBE’s energy is contributing to the diversification and strengthening of the Dominican Republic’s energy matrix. As the self-consumption of our plant is lower than that of a conventional plant, the company has more energy available for sale. A conventional generator consumes about 15% of its production, while SPBE’s self-consumption is 9.5%. Regarding thermal energy consumption, the comparative savings of a conventional source with biomass is 79% for the latter.

Origin of the raw material